Hidea HD15FHL Outboard Motor

Hidea HD15FHL Outboard Motor


The HD15F is a standout in Hidea’s portable range and has proven to be one of customer’s favourite outboards. Light weight and easy to transport the HD15F has a reputation built on years of reliable and powerful performance.
For boaters who want to cruise to their favourite fishing spot with speed and confidence, the HD15F is the perfect motor.



Product Specification

Model: HD15F
Max.Output(kw): 11
Full Throttle Operating Range(rpm): 4500-5500
Stroke: 2
Cylinder: 2
Displacement(cc): 246
Bore×Stroke (mm): 56×50
Length×Width×Height (mm): 
Weight (kg): 
Gear Ratio: 27:13(2.08)
Gear Shift Position: F-N-R
lgnition System: CDI
Cooling System: Water-cooling
Starting System: Manual
Control System: Tiller control
Capacity of Fuel Tank(L): 24

Light weight and easy to transport
Great for small fishing rigs, inflatables and tenders
High grade marine aluminium alloy that provides the ultimate protection against corrosion
CDI ignition provides automatic spark advance to provide maximum power throughout the whole RPM range
Loop charging boosts power and fuel efficiency
Comes standard with shallow water drive, an extremely useful feature when tackling rivers, estuaries and creeks.
Six layers of paint, good corrosion resistance.
Using the US brand PPG paint, for a more beautiful exterior.

Available in:

HD15FHS – Manual Start, Tiller Handle, Transom height – Short shaft
HD15FHL – Manual Start, Tiller Handle, Transom height – Long shaft

General Features:

Pre-mix 50:1
24 L Fuel tank & hose
Shallow water drive