STIHL RE88 Pressure Washer

STIHL RE88 Pressure Washer


When your list of outdoor cleanup chores seems a little overwhelming, take the easy way out with STIHL. The STIHL electric pressure washer provides an easy-to-use solution to help you successfully check off that to-do list. Delivering 1,800 psi of water pressure to quickly and efficiently clean decks, driveways, sidewalks, and more, it comes standard with an adjustable flat-jet nozzle, rotary nozzle and a detergent sprayer to tackle a variety of jobs around the home and garden. A wide range of optional STIHL accessories make it ideal for cleaning siding, automobiles, boats, and more. The comfortable spray gun trigger shuts off the 1.3 kW motor when the wand is released and reactivates when the trigger is reengaged to maximize energy efficiency. Its 19’ high-quality hose is designed for a wide working range and long-term durability. Plus, its compact, lightweight design makes it easy to move between locations and convenient to store. Once you experience just how easy it is to operate, taking the easy way out might not seem so bad after all.


Model Features

  • 2-Piece Lance & Gun Assembly
    This pressure washer features an easy, convenient 2-piece lance and gun assembly. The lance design is also extended for better accuracy in tall applications.

  • Easy-Access Inlet & Outlet Water Connections
    Both inlet (water coming into the pump) and outlet (water going from the pump to the gun) connections are easy to access for faster setup

  • Aluminum Pump Head
    Constructed from aluminum, the high pressure pump with stainless steel pistons is particularly resilient and durable.

  • Detergent Spray Set
    Detergent can be added to the spray jet to tackle stubborn dirt. Simply attach the detergent bottle to the spray lance.

  • Quick Release Coupling 
    The quick release coupling prevents tangling of the high pressure hose, making it possible to use its full length. (similar t

  • Rotary Nozzle
    The rotary nozzle provides concentrated cleaning power with large area output. It has a powerful pencil jet in a rapidly rotating motion.

  • Fan-Jet Nozzle, Variable Pressure
    With the variablepressure fan jet nozzle, larger areas are cleaned quickly and effectively, with control over the pressure to suit different tasks.



STIHL RE 88 adalah pembersih bertekanan tinggi yang praktis untuk penggunaan sesekali. Roter dan nosel jet kipas, selang jaring bertekanan tinggi 6 m, dudukan aksesoris pada casing, semprotan deterjen.



Product Specification

RE 90 Specifications - Occasional Use
WATER FLOW 1.2 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
POWER 1.5 kW
POWER CORD LENGTH 10.7m (35 feet)
WEIGHT 23.4 lbs.
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 11.4” x 13” x 33.9”



Spesifikasi Produk

Tipe Mesin 2 Tak
Tekanan Kerja 10 - 100 Bar
Tekanan Maksimal 120 Bar
Debit Air Minimal 350 l/h
Debit Air Maksimal 520 l/h
Daya 1.7 kW
Voltase 230 V
Kecepatan Mesin 18000 min-1
Panjang Kabel 5 Meter
Berat 20 kg
Dimensi -
Tingkat Kebisingan 90.5 dB(A)
Panjang Selang 6 Meter