Yamaha EF6300ISE Portable Small Generator

Yamaha EF6300ISE Portable Small Generator


Economy Control achievs long continuous operation and low noise emission in the 6.0kVA class

This generator is quiet and efficient. Large capacity muffler and soundproofed high output engine (MZ360) which runs at 2,600rpm in 1/4 load and 3,400rpm at rated load. These features allows the generator to operate at 58dBA (@ 1/4 load) / 64dBA (@ rated load), one of the lowest noise emission in the 6.0kVA class. A high-output engine and large capacity fuel tank (17L) achieves long continuous operation of 5.1 hours (@ rated load) or 13.3 hours (@ 1/4 load). 

High output in a lightweight,compact body

Abundant use of resin parts and removal of the recoil starter allows the EF6300iSDE to be light (91kg) and compact (332 liter volume). The high-power engine (MZ360) can supply enough electricity to allow simultaneous use of air conditioners and microwaves (rated output 5.5kVA / maximum output 6.3kVA). This provides high utility on the leisure scene. 

Portable and easy to service

Twin lifting bars are installed at the top and bottom on both sides of the body (lower twin bar is on the caster wheel) for easy unloading. The large four-wheeled caster (with locking function) enhances the portability of the generator. The twin bars and large casters also act as a buffer against impact from other objects. The exterior panels have been designed with one detachable panel on each side for better accessibility for servicing.

Many user-friendly functions

Wireless remote control

For the EF6300iSDE, an optional wireless remote control is available. (*Not available in some specs.) 
This remote control allows users to start the generator from convenient distance, with ease, compare to wire remote control.
The range of the remote control is approximately 20 meters in clear view with no obstacles (walls and other obstacles may obstruct the performance of the remote control). The battery life of the remote controller has been tested for use for up to 10,000 times (* Yamaha data).
In order for owners to check the generator before starting in remote control, the main switch on the generator (key operated ON/OFF switch) and the remote control switch (square shaped seesaw switch on the upper right side of the control panel) must both be switched ON. On remote control transmitter side, it must be pressed two times within a few seconds to check owner has the intention to start the generator.



YAMAHA E 6300iSE adalah generator dari Yamaha berteknologi Inverter. Memakai mesin model Yamaha MZ50 berkapasitas 357cc, mampu menghasilkan output maksimum hingga 5 kW (5000 Watt)



Product Specification

Type Inverter type
Rated voltage (V) 120/240
Frequency (Hz) 60
Rated output (kVA) 5.5
Max output (kVA) 6.3
DC output -
Type MZ360:4-stroke OHV pressure air cooled
Starting system Electric *1
L*W*H (mm) 780*616*692
Dry Weight (kg) 91.0
Fuel tank capacity(full)(l) 17.0
Operating Hours (Hr/ 1/4 load) 13.3(Economy control system : ON)
Operating Hours (Hr/ rated load) 5.0(Economy control system : ON)
Noise Level (db A)(7m) 58.0(1/4 load)-64.0(Rated load)(Economy control system : ON))
Voltage regulator Inverter
Circuit breaker system Computer controlled
Fuel level gauge
Oil level warning system
Pilot lamp
Economy control system
Voltage fluctuation
Instantaneous Less than 25%
Setting  Less than 1%
Setting time Within 2 secs.
Frequency stability Less than ± 0.1Hz 
Waveform distortion Less than 4.0%
Transportation kit Standard
DC charging leads ×
Wireless Remote Control Kit Option




Spesifikasi Produk

Model EF 6300 ISE
Tipe Mesin 1 Phase Type
Kapasitas Mesin 357 Cc
Sistem Starter Electric Starter
Voltase 220 V
Phase Single Phase
Output Maksimal 5000 Watt
Output Rata - Rata 4400 Watt
Berat Kering 140 Kg
Dimensi 401 X 298 X 420 Mm
Kapasitas Bahan Bakar 17 Liter
Kapasitas Oli Mesin -
Jenis Bahan Bakar Bensin
Jenis Oli Mesin -